Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Nurses

Well, everyone has heard me mention my drill sargent nurses: Cleo, AsaMina, Edgar Allan and Worthington. Tyson Parker doesn't do 'nurse' as he's way to busy trashing hubby's den to pay much attention to me. Which is no problem, the four taking care of me are quite enough for one little old me to deal with at one time.

In the following pictures two of the drill sargent nurses were caught in the act by my husband, who obviously is still learning to use my new little camera with the 200 pages of instructions, so the pictures are a tad blurry. AsaMina is on my shoulder about to be kissed. The nurses liked to be paid often, you know. Worthington is the little blond on my knee waiting patiently for his turn at payment for all the hard work he does nursing me back to health.

I'm making sure AsaMina is paid in full as the pile of sewing I'm attempting to slowly work on, made even slower by the insistance of the nurses on being 'paid' for their hard work often, is sitting just to the readers right in the picture. AsaMina loves nothing more than a good cheek nuzzle accompanied with one of my famous neck massages.

Then Worthington's patience is rewarded with a neck massage of his very own. He's also keeping a very watchfull eye on his Daddy. Daddy still makes the little guy a tad nervous.

Now, most of this "Mommy, love me, please." stuff is normal. What isn't normal and what Double Trouble (AsaMina and Worthington) have only done since my surgery is plant themselves on my knees and refuse to budge. In the following pictures you'll see what I mean. If I were to move with them planted and preening, they'd toppled and fall to the floor. Neither can fly. So, there I sit, letting them preen, not moving. It would be fine if it ended there. But, after a good preen, one is normally exhausted and must recharge ones little feathered batteries. So, then the pair fall fast asleep, leaving me stuck in that one position until their little batteries are recharged and their nap is over.

Cleo and Edgar Allan? Well, they don't sit on me, they just yell at me. When I get a crick in my leg and need to shift positions the pair watch me like hawks. Any move they feel I shouldn't be doing Cleo does her best impersonation of an ambulance siren. If I continue to move and not mind my nurse Cleo, Edgar Allan chimes in with his impersonation of a car alarm. I still think I should have had the little guy lo-jacked instead of micro-chipped! I also don't think I've ever come across such strict nurses before in my life! Honest, the four never paid that much attention to me and what I did before the surgery! Needless to say, I'm one seriously blessed Mommy Bird. Not only have I recieved and continue to recieve healing vibes and prayers from my friends and family, but I'm positive my nurses strictness has a lot to do with the fact I'm healing not only amazingly well, but amazingly fast, too.

Ok, the nurses say I have to shut the computer down now. Double Trouble needs another massage and a few more kisses. Must obey my nurses, you know


Sunny said...

I'm so excited you posted pics of your nurses on duty! I can see you're in good hands.

Punkinhead said...

Too cute! Funny that the founder of the Red Cross was named Nightingale... hmmm... birds as the nurses of the universe??

Nnairda's said...

Hi there! You've been in my thoughts and prayers and I'm so happy to see that you are posting and have good help. :)


casserole said...

Awwww, they're taking such good care of you!! Let 'em do it - you deserve the pampering!

Hey, I added your scrap apron to my apron treasury:

TheTwistedPurl said...

Your Birdie Nurses are just too darn cute!