Friday, March 21, 2008

Sewing Withdrawl!!!

Well, as most of my faithful readers know, March 11, 2008 I had a radical double mastectomy. You name it, they removed it except the lymph nodes under my arms. I got the pathology report back on March 14 and if I was allowed to do a happy dance, I would. Not one single cancer cell!!! There was calcification and fibrocystic changes, which for me considering a previous surgery in 1991 removed 11 lumps and all but tissue and lymph nodes, finding such things wasn't a good sign. Basically what it came down to was that I'm pre-cancer bordering on cancer, but haven't produced tumors yet. My calcification and fibrocystic change was cells that hadn't decided what they wanted to be when they grew up yet. My surgery was well timed, a huge relief and a major blessing.

Currently I've got no bandages on, but am still stapled literally from arm pit to arm pit. My staples come out on March 26. Until then I'm to be resting and not doing too much moving around. For someone stuck in the house as much as I am, you'd assume I was a certifiable perch potato who watched the soaps and talk shows. Personally I hate both, leave on PBS during the day for my tiels (AsaMina watches Super Why, Word World, and Between the Lions with her little eyeballs glued to the screen as they are her favorites), and watch the news from 5 to 6 in the evening. Beyond that I have to find something to do to keep busy. Needless to say, these past two weeks have tried my imagination quite a bit.

Right after surgery my Flocktalk friends had a virtual bird party, which kept me quite occupied for two days. Then I became involved in a 'Where's Waldo' version of a game on Bird with a couple of more friends. In between that I went fabric shopping on the computer and was also blessed with three fat quarters from Denise and a couple of yards of fabric from another friend. Today I went pattern shopping on the internet (I'm still trapped in the house for another week or two!).

Tomorrow I begin a little sewing for myself, as I'm no where healed enough to make stuff I'd sell. I want to be 100% for that. Besides, two of the fat quarters Denise sent me found a project to belong to. This first one will be
a dress with the little top part out of the light green fat quarter and the sleeves and skirt part out of a deep forrest green cotton. I just couldn't see making something out of the fat quarters that I was to give away or sell. There is so many healing hugs and healing vibes loaded and woven into each little piece Denise gave me, I had to be selfish and keep it for myself. Plus, due to the surgery and Worthington telling me I have terrible fashion sense, I've cleaned out three quarters of the clothes in my closet and, of course, must replace them....or some of them! This is the second fat quarter from Denise.The black and gold fat quarter will be the little top part of this shirt with the solid black cotton as the bottom of the top, sleeves and insert in the front. The third fat quarter is currently meditating and trying to find it's destiny. Thank you again Denise!
My original purpose for fabric hunting, aside from boredom, was to complete what I'd begun for my wheelchair. Originally I'd planned to make a couple of covers for the seat and back so they could be removed and changed due to mood or laundry. These two fabrics are future wheelchair covers.

And, lastly is a fabric that I like....I don't like.....I like.....I don't like.....I get the point. I thought it'd be more red and less orange, but it's more orange than red and doesn't go with my red wheelchair frame. BUT, all is not lost as hubby likes the fabric and it does go nicely with the electric wheelchair with the cockatiel grey frame (the orange in the fabric is 'ear patch' orange, the color of a cockatiels ear patches), so it'll be the cover for that wheelchair.
Hubby did say this looked like brothel fabric. I didn't bother to ask how he knew that and just went with it. But, tomorrow I'll begin the process with the pink and red paisley fabric and work on my first of two wheelchair covers. I promise to work slowly and carefully and not stress myself. But, if I don't get creating soon........


Ekio Locatiare said...

Lovely fabric ^-^ Your going to have a smashing wardrobe!

Waterrose said...

sew, sew, sew...wishing you more sewing...and lots of hugs!

Sunny said...

Hey, your babies have the same favorite shows as mine :) I'm glad you're getting back to sewing, slow as it may be it's still healing to do the things you love.

Denise Felton said...

Oooooooo. I LOVE what you're doing with the little pieces I sent you! And I love the slipcover fabrics, too. Can't wait to see the finished projects!

That third quarter is so funky, you may have to break down and work it into an apron and hope for a seriously funky shopper. :)

casserole said...

It's no fun recovering from such an invasive surgery, but at least your convalescence is aided with a bunch of GORGEOUS fabric!

I love that your little ones love the same TV that my little one loves. How fun is that??

I know there are a lot of healing vibes pointed your way, but I wanted to know that mine are heading your direction as well. (I've been following all of your updates, but I've not been very good at letting you know that I've been thinking about you....)

Julie Anne of Diamondmeenuh Creations said...

Thank you everyone! One slip cover is done, the paisley one, and I'm slowly working on the green dress.

AsaMina is my resident perch potato. She's actually learned the order of the letters in the alphabet and can read her name---yup, proud Grandma

Oh, I LOVE funky, I just haven't found the proper funky for the third square yet :-) there is more fabric than what was posted, also looking for it's destiny....stay tuned