Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coming Attractions--Part 2-ish

Ok, this is for all you imaginative and not so imaginative people out there! If you can come up with a name for this bag (in 'Comming Attractions' post below) you will win a

apron out of my store of your choice. I think I've just run out of name ideas....or the problem is the bag isn't tweeting and whistling, nor does it have feathers.......

Post your ideas and suggestions in either this posts comments or the comments area in the post below.

Oh, winner will be announced in about 2 weeks!

So far, for your viewing pleasure, we have these as suggestions:
1. Earth Purse
2. Huey's Tagalong
3. Huey Pack
4. Fly The Coop bag
5. Better Bag
6. The Weekender Pack
7. All Around Town Pack
8. Tote-A-Long
9. Hue'll love this Bag
10. Hue gotta have this Bag
11. Homemade Everything Bag
12. Hand Sewn Earth Bag
13. Hand Sewn Handbag
14. Sewn in Ameribag
15. Hand Sewn All In One Bag
16. Ozark Mountain Handbag
17. Pursilla
18. Diamond Bag
19. Roo Pouch
20. Wheele Bug
21. Wheelie Purse
22. Camelback Pack
23.Converta Bag
24. Bag and Baggage
25. Bring Me Bag
26. Purse and a Half
27. Pack Purse


Dawn said...

I love my bird emergency kit as well as the book bags. I use the book bags as a purse and storage for all my stuff if I go away. Like to quick trip I made to GrandMAMAs. It holds everything. With the "new" back pack it is an all in pack. A name for something that has a multi function capability oh could be a diaper bag as well. I will have to give this some thought.

Denise Felton said...

It's's's a Fly the Coop bag.

casserole said...

dang you, Denise... I was all set to think of a cute, clever name of my own and then you go and post something brilliant ahead of me.

Punkinhead said...

Denise does have that ability to be hyper-clever. Or perhaps everyone else is just lazy... *raises hand so as to include herself in the latter group*

My suggestion for a bag name: Ozark Mountain Handbag

Anonymous said...

Ok diamond, here we go. The first is my favorite, the next couple are next, and the rest are in no particular order. I was kind of all over the board!
Pursilla (or pursilla pack)- this started out as just a play on priscilla, but it has a distinct godzilla appeal.
Diamond bag
'roo pouch
wheel bug (which is a type of assassin beetle)
wheelie purse
camelback pack
bag & baggage
'bring me' bag
purse and a half
pack purse
had to go anonymous with this comment, 'cause I'm not sure of my google name! But it's glassbead.