Wednesday, May 7, 2008

And, the winner of the "Name the Huey Kit" Contest Is...

.....Are you ready?

Are you sure?

First off, I'll tell you the decision process for picking the winners (even the runners up are winners). First, as each name came in I read them out loud to AsaMina and Worthington who sat comfortably on my knees. If they liked the sound of the name, their head feathers would relax (go down) if they didn't like the name their head feathers stood at attention. Several names caused question marks to appear over their heads. Then a bit of un-feathered feedback was explored. The winning name was chosen as 'IT' by all but one or two of the people querried saying it it fit what the bag was originally designed for and it's what you do with the bag.

The winning runner up names, just came in this morning--hence the postponment of this post. The same process was used for both runners up, too. So, without further ado.......

May I get a wing flap please!!! (uh, drum roll would scare the tiels)

The winner is Denise Felton with her Fly the Coop Pack!

The runner up who's name may get mixed in with Denise's is Laurie [Punkinhead] with Ozark Mountain Handbag

And the second runner up, who got my imagination immediately inventing my next invention with some of her names like Pursilla, and Roo Purse which just HAVE to be used for something! My imagination is currently working overtime on a new invention, Laurie [Glassbead].

Ok ladies, go to my store and pick your Apron!
The very first Ozark Mountain Fly The Coop Pack (I think I like that....still debating...) that will appear in my store mid June to July 1 (depending on the trauma of the move, of course) is this Olive Green Hexagon one. It's nearly done in the pictures. I still have to close up the inside seam and make the shoulder pads (velcro won't arrive till Monday, of course).
This first picture is of the pack with the medium straps attached to the back pack loops. The second picture is of the same medium straps, attached end to end, in the purse loops located at either end of the zipper. The third picture is of the Fly the Coop Pack turned inside out so you can view the inside. Side one has one pocket the size of the bag (12x14) in size (it'll be clearer in the store pictures, promise), and a smaller pouch pocket attached to it. Picture four is of the other side of the inside of the Fly the Coop Pack with two patch pockets which will hold a check book sized item and a key loop to hang your keys and cell phone off of so they don't end up at the bottom of the Fly The Coop Pack [never to be seen again!!!!]. On the sides of both inside pictures is views of the bottle pockets. They'll hold a 24 ounce bottle of water or a collapsable umbrella or baby bottles or pens, or..... The last picture is what comes with the Fly the Coop Pack (except the elusive shoulder pads!): three different strap lengths. The shortest ones will work with 6 year old children and on the back of wheelchairs, the medium ones will work with most adults of most body sizes, the larger straps are great for use as purse straps. Also, 4 quick links which can be sinched down so they don't come loose (also great for kids or a heavy bag that gets tossed around a lot). The shoulder pads are removable and will protect your shoulders so the quick links and straps don't dig in to your shoulders.

Congrats Denise, Laurie and Laurie! And thank you to everyone who suggested names. Your help is greatly appreciated and I do wish I had enough aprons to share with everyone as each of you do deserve one for your help and fantastic imaginations.


TheTwistedPurl said...

Those bags are absolutely awesome! I saw one in person and was very impressed.

SnappyBibs said...

Congrats to the winners!!!

Denise Felton said...

WooooHOOOOO! *happy dance happy dance happy dance* I am so proud to be associated with this rockin product! Thank you, thank you, Julie Anne, and good luck with sales of this new item.

*cute model, by the way*

Punkinhead said...

that model's even cuter in person. :)

Thanks, Julie Ann! Yay!

Anonymous said...

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