Sunday, December 30, 2007

Art with Pixels

Art in the form of pixels, lots of them. It's amazing to me how you can take just one image and create so many more from it. A picture is not only worth a thousand words, but a thousand more pictures. Now, I haven't tested this theory, but after the past couple of days of cutting, pasting, cloning, color replacement, backgrounds, layers.....I honestly could go on...I do believe that it would be a fairly easy thing to do.
I had this banner in my etsy store, Diamondmeenuh Creations that I'd taken hours upon hours to create. I'd never intended it to be permanent, just something till eventually came along and I had the time and opportunity to create a new slightly more professional one. Well, that 'eventually' happened last night and today.
I took the bird foot print boarder from Microsoft Word and printed it out, scanned it back in as a picture and began the creative process in Googles Picasa 2, which gave me the interesting greenish color you see above. From there on to Photoshop and I let my eyeballs cross.
Have you mastered a photo program? What have you or can you create with your computer? For me, this is all very new. I'm one of those who just keeps pushing buttons till what I want happens. Sometimes I get really lucky and a cockatiel will drop out of the sky (ok, more like fall off my shoulder, but that's a bit less dramatic) and onto my computer key board. It's 93 grams (about 3.8 ounces, tiels are weighed in grams) magically landing on just the right key. Of course, then I have to spend several more hours trying to figure out what the tiel landed on, but I do like a good mystery, so it's ok. Do you read the instructions for your photo program or do you just click buttons? A little of both?
If you've got your photoshop creations on line, I'd love the link to see them. I love art, show me your pixel art.

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