Friday, January 4, 2008

Tis 2008, now what?

Well, it's 2008. Ok, now what? Make a list of resolutions. Why? Do you really keep them, or do you forget you made them? Me, I don't do resolutions. I believe that if I do the best of my ability to do what's right everyday, my life will take the right path, the path it was ment to take. What if I hit a pot hole in the middle of the road? Does it mean I took the wrong path? Should I have made resolutions? Would those have gotten me down a road without a pot hole? Well, I actually like the 'occasional' pot hole in my life. I would never go looking for them. Actually, I never have to as they always seems to find me with such effortless ease. It's those pot holes we all fall into that make us the people we are. The pot holes teach us lessons we'd never learn any other way, they teach us patience and tollerance, something we can never know too much about. Pot holes give us new perspectives on the things that surround us, or will soon be part of our surroundings and everyday lives. Pot holes get us out of the rut our life wagons have created from passing the same way one too many times. By getting out of those ruts, we can see and appreciate a whole new view. That's often more of a good thing than a bad thing. You never know what you'll see or who you'll see in that new view. You never know that within that new view if there is someone who needs your life experience to get through a pot hole in their life. See, we're all here on earth for a reason. Won't get into religeon as there is no point. All religeons have pretty much the same basics, the same tree trunk, the differences come in the form of knot holes, branches, leaves and species of said tree. Enough said there. Back to why we're on earth...we each have different talents, different gifts and different ways of seeing life. It's that difference that enables one of us to see how to get through a particular situation another finds hopeless. By relying on one another and working together while over looking our differences, we see we're not only really a lot more alike that previously thought, but by helping one another we gain a new skill, a new friendship, a new talent, and a new perspective.
So, back to 'It's 2008, Now What?'. For 2008, use those resolutions you've already forgotten about and those you're about to forget about and recycle that paper you wrote them on. Then, put on your bathing cap, swim goggles, flippers, and floaties (occasionally in life one needs floaties to keep from drowning in one of those pot holes--take my word for that one!), and get out there and just live life by keeping others that enter your little corner of the world in focus. If they've entered to teach you, listen. If they've entered to help you, let them help. If they've entered to just be your friend, open your heart and mind and add them you and they will be a better human for it.
Oh, one more thing...... always stop to cuddle your dog, your cat, your bird. Hug your family. And, always let those in your life know they're loved. That's the point of each new year, a chance to do what you should have been doing all a long, caring for yourself by caring for others (no matter who or what they are).


LoveMeKnot Creations said...

Great post :) I try to not do resolutionsother then the standards of being healthy, and find somehting that makes me happy....thanks for the idea of the baby name book on my blog! I'll go get one today!!

LoveMeKnot Creations said...

the split pea- hold the croutons apron is ADORABLE! your etsy shop is great!!!

Denise Felton said...

Oh, Julie Anne, you are so right. You have so much wisdom for someone so young, which says to me that you've got a good deal of experience with pothole swimming. *Winking at you from behind my goggles and waving with a floatie arm.* :)