Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ahh, Snow!

Snow is nothing more than frozen rain, but it's arrival is one that's sparked the imaginations of poets and writers alike. It's welcomed with open arms by kids and cursed at by adults too busy to stop and throw the snow ball. For me, snow is an excuse to curl up under a fleece blanket with a couple of my tiels, normally AsaMina Sura and Worthington Israel Wentworth, and a really good book---or sewing project. I sit so I can see the flakes gently flutter to the frozen earth, sewing slowly as the snow is so much more mesmerizing than one would think. AsaMina Sura, who hatched during a snow storm December 13, 2001, is also mesmerized by the snow. She'll yell really rude things (in cockatiel, fortunately) at the wild birds who land in our backyard and disturb the serenity of the snowflakes fluttering to earth like graceful little prima ballerinas and then disappearing into the millions of other snowflakes forming a very thin coating over the uneven dead lawn. (below picture is of Elsie, my cow-car, without snow on her--she's the one with the mags)

Snow brings back memories of Kypy Mountain when I was a teen up in Washington State. Kypy Mountain was a pile of dirt with tiny pine trees on it that our family dog Kypynykh decided he owned. The most fun was the skill required to aim my sled so it'd go between the pine trees, not up them. My aim? Not that great. I'm glad they were baby pine trees and Kypy Mountain, not that steep.

Snow reminds me of Delaware, where I was born and going for sled rides with my Mom and our then Husky Pooka pulling us. It was blast until he saw a cat. Rollercoaster rides dream of being that thrilling!

Snow is something I look forward to every winter. It means no migraines, it mean hot cups of cocoa, it means warm snuggly sweats and fleece blankets. It's a good excuse to snuggle with the one you love, too. Being in Arkansas, after living up North for most of my life, makes me appreciate the snow, what little of it we get here, even more. I love to watch the faces of AsaMina and Cleo when it snows. They're Yankees like I am and are from New Hampshire, too. I think they miss the northern winters as much as I do.

Cleo Chaquita Pattee (left- below) and AsaMina Sura (right -above)


One Scrappy Chicklet said...

Enjoy the snow. We never get any this far south. Did see some sleet the other night but d-mans dream of a snow day at school was not achieved.
Oh and: It is your turn to be tagged with a meme. Rules are on my blog.


Denise Felton said...

Aren't snow days heaven! Well, if you don't have to be somewhere, anyway. Maybe we'll get a good weekend snow before this winter is over.