Friday, February 29, 2008

Ah! Literary Tag! Oh, so intellectual!

While nonchalantly parusing TwistedPurl's blog to check out the beautiful roving created by her little ones I noticed I got TAGED!!!

The rules I and those I tag must follow are:

1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages

2. open the book to page 123

3. find the fifth sentance

4. post the next three sentances

5. tag 5 other people

Well, the first book I grabbed doesn't was the book I wrote that won't be published till I get to Washington, so you will be spared an excerpt of The Great Cheeseball Massacre and I'll torture you with The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl instead. Love Poe, named my 2 year old after him, too due to the little guy being my 13th tiel and arriving home on a dark and stormy day. The little angel is Edgar Allan Chirp....Ok, onto the book:
"You shall think this a contradiction, but all people need rules to live, and criminals can only have a few---loyalty is one they favor. The Baron had been married before, but the women were said to have motives ranging from simple love to, at one time in his life, his great wealth. It remains anyone's guess whether with the loyalty of Bonjour also came love, or one superseded the other, or they mingled together in some heartless combination."

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